Force Touch "clicks' not working on latest Macs

OSX 10.11.1 (El Capitan). Scrivener 2.7. Macbook 12", 2015 model.

Unsure if this a is bug, or a feature that needs to be implemented in Scrivener. In most OSX 10.11 applications a “hard push” (force touch) on trackpad activates lookup/data features (such as dictionary) on Text. This isn’t the case in Scrivener. In fact, if it’s enabled, you can no longer do “three finger taps” to activate lookups, so you have to disable all force touch lookups in the OS just to get Scrivener to behave in a pre-El Capitan manner.

Bug? Feature? Either way, it’s be really nice if I didn’t have to compromise new OS behaviour to make life easier in Scrivener :frowning:

Is that not the source of the problem right there? Keeping in mind that I am on 10.10 (I have no way of testing the hardware on 10.11 at this time), if I set the look-up gesture to three-finger tapping, and enable Force, the latter does not do any look-up in TextEdit or Scrivener. If I set the look-up gesture to Force, then it works just fine in both programs (do test with TextEdit on your system as well as both use the same Mac text editor).

As an aside, by default Ctrl-Cmd-D will look-up whatever word is under the mouse, or if the mouse is invisible, whatever word the insertion caret is around. Does that fail to work for you as well?

We should probably standardise on this thread or the other one:

I thought 10.10.3 introduced the force touch APIs, anyway in 10.11 the interface to activate force touch for lookup is here:
Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.52.19_SMALL.png

With this option selected, in Pages or TextEdit (and many others), force-click brings up the “look-up”. In Scrivener V2.7 force-click does nothing, Ctrl-Cmd-D and context menu do work fine. I can only assume that if Amber can get this working in 10.10 then for 10.11 force touch NSEvent API still needs to be used in addition to the OS X text areas.

Default under 10.11 (on this 2015 Macbook) is Force in all applications. It doesn’t work in Scrivener. So the lookup can only be activated via key shortcut or right-click context menu as you say.

Re-enabling 3-finger-tap seems to disable Force in all applications, but the means I don’t have to go through the context menu or use the key shortcut.

So I guess I’ll switch force touch back on as I love it in other applications. For now, in Scrivener, I’ll train myself to use the keyboard short cut :slight_smile:

Works around this missing feature (not a bug) by using BetterTouch applet. It’s great :slight_smile: I’ve configured Force Touch top right on the trackpad to Lookup words, and top left to lock my screen (security conscious, you know…)