Forcing Colours

Hi Sciveners,

I’m having a recurring issue with Scrivener that’s driving me crazy (and costing me sales). I publish for Kindle, and one of the requirements is that their books be formatted without fixed colour where appropriate (for me, this is everywhere). This requirement exists because of a feature called “Night Mode”, where the text is set to white and the background is set to black, but if the text has a fixed colour (such as black) it becomes unreadable.

I keep coming up with errors, probably due to copy/pasting in stuff from my email client, where the output text is forced to “black”. Obviously this is hard for me to detect within Scrivener.

Is there an easy way to force Scrivener to remove ALL text and background colour information from a document upon compilation, or even better, to make it so that it never, ever fixes a text colour?

Yeah, this happens fairly frequently when pasting text from other locations, as some programs will set the text colour to black specifically, but naturally it’s difficult to discern that unless you’ve set your default colour to something else and now and then see that pasted text doesn’t pick up that default setting (because the applied text colour will override the editor default). If you ever go back and forth with your projects to a Mac, that can pick up a lot of black too as the Apple text system colours the text black.

In any case, the simplest solution to this is that with the 1.5 update we’re planning to release shortly, there is a new option in compile’s Transformations tab to simply “Remove text color”. :slight_smile: You’re welcome to try out the public beta and test this feature on your project now.