Format a style at compile with border and bg color

Hello, trying to configure compiling setup so that I can produce a text in a box (with border and background color) . This is used in your help document (see pic). I need this to show tips and tricks in my book

Snapshots are not Tips and Tricks. They’re a copy of a scene or section in a particular state and time.

If you’re trying to Compile Tips and Tricks for an e-book: it’s tricky.
I’ve given my Tips and Tricks a Paragraph style in the Editor. In the CSS, you can pick up the Style to attach a background-color and/or border. But the Style is seems to be exclusively included in the output for elements that have a New Page separator in the Section Layout, so every Tip ends up on a different page in stead of in between the rest of the text. I intend to move the DIVs into the other Sections using Calibri later.
If you find a better trick, let me know :wink:

I don’t believe the OP was saying they were; they were simply showing that page in the Scrivener manual as a reference for the kind of styling they want.

Have you defined anything specific about that tips & tricks style in your compile format? You may need to use the compile style to override the new page that you’re seeing.

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Download the project version of the Scrivener 3 manual, and you can see how it’s formatted in Scrivener. Fair warning, though: Ioa Petra’ka is not the sort of mortal human Scrivener user we are.


To what output format are you meaning to compile you text? (How and if you can do what you want may depend on this.)

thanks, just quickly: where can I define CSS for a style (sorry if stupid question but I only use the format buttons in the styling page)

basically, any format but we can focus on pdf and epub to start :slight_smile:

Compile for ePub => double Double-click your Format’s name => Windoe opens containing Css-tab on the left.

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As no one has said it, I will.

The Scrivener manual from which that screenshot was taken is produced by a highly structured and organised combination of Markdown and LaTeX. It is not for the faint-hearted, but you can download the Scrivener project to see how it’s done.

Furthermore, there are extensive posts of advice and explanation on how to achieve such things by Ioa (AmberV) in the 'Markdown and LaTeX Category.


Interesting. Where can I find that project?

I have a feeling that I saw somewhere that Ioa has removed the download temporarily until he has brought the downloadable version up-to-date with Windows-3 … the one that was there was Mac-3/Windows-1.

So apologies if whoever (and me) have given false (temporarily) information.

That said, you might find interesting things at User Manuals | Literature & Latte choosing ‘Extras Pack/Zip’


Still found it there. Thx!