Format changes for the entire project at once

Hi, I can’t figure out how to change format settings like font, margins, etc. for every chapter of the project at once. In screvening view, Edit - Select All option affects only the active chapter. Even selecting text of an other chapter “painting” with the mouse, changes in format settings only affect the chapter where cursor is.
Is there a way to resolve this?

Go to Tools->Options->Formatting (I think; look for a section that looks like an editor with sample text in it). Adjust that to the way you want it. Then select the documents you want to be formatted like that, and use the Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Text Style

That will present you with a few checkboxes so you can avoid changing some aspects of the documents like tab stops that you manually adjusted for one document, and then let you perform the formatting conversion on all selected documents.

Great! It’s what I was looking for.
The option you mean is “Editor”, instead “Formatting”.


I am encountering a similar problem.

How can I select multiple sections of text by mouse “painting?”

In traditional Windows-based word processors, one could select a sentence, then hold CTRL+SHIFT, followed by selecting more text, and each isolated section would be selected.

This allows me to change the size of the font for multiple headers in the same document, for example, without having to manually select and change each one individually, one at a time. This way, I could select all of the headers, via mouse “painting,” and then I could change their size, etc.