Format Pointer

Hi, is it possible the change the format of my pointer for when I’m writing? I frequently lose my pointer on the screen and have to use the ‘ctrl’ button to find it. It would be far easier if the pointer was not the well camouflaged ‘I-beam’.


Pretty sure you can do this in Windows Control Panel. (In Win 7) Go to Hardware and sound, find your mouse and right-click for options. You can channge it under the pointers tab.

You can change the insertion point itself to a wider block style in Scrivener’s editor under the “Editor” tab of Tools > Options. The default I think is 6 px if you tick on the block style, but you can adjust that as needed.

There’s no way in Scrivener to change the style of the cursor itself otherwise, but Major Major’s suggestion should help you out to do this at the system level.