Format Problems When Exporting For Kindle

Hi Guys.

I’ve finished my book and am looking to export it as a kindle (mobi) file.

When I do, I’ve found the formatting is a bit off.

I’ve got a few problems that I’ve noticed so far.

1) Despite having my cover photo inserted into the scrivener file, and it appearing in the exported mobi file, when I do the compile and click on the “cover” section it says that only images imported to scrivener file can be used as covers. It does not let me select my added image (or anything else) from the dropdown menu.

So how can I get my cover image in there?

2) There is a page-long space after the titles for my chapters (folders). In other words, you’ve got the chapter title at the top of the page, and the whole rest of the page is blank. How can I make it so that the first text document of the folder starts right under the chapter title?

The way I have it set up is that the Folder Itself has no text but the Chapter Title. The actual body text is the sub text files.

3) When I compile the book and load it up in my kindle for mac reader, there is a table of contents you can access which lists every chapter and sub folder. But how can I generate a table of contents for the beginning area of the book?

Any suggestions for how I can fix these?


Hi there. This is my first time on the forums, but I noticed your thread and realized I’ve dealt with all of these issues before.

  1. Add your cover photo to the Research folder and it will magically become available to choose as your cover in the compile screen. It will be added automatically to the beginning, so you don’t need to add it to your draft at all.

  2. IIRC, this happens in compile’s Contents panel when you have marked “Pg break before” or in the Separators panel under the “Folder and text separator” area if you’ve selected “Section break.”

  3. In the compile screen, under the Layout panel you can tell it to create an HTML table of contents. If you want you can create a custom table of contents by creating a document and adding a bunch of Scrivener links, then adding the name of that document in the Layout panel. If you don’t do that, it will automatically create the ToC for you and add every document that you’ve added a page break or section break to (in the same areas mentioned in point 2 above).

I hope this helps.


Sorry for the late reply - we’ve all been on holiday over Christmas and are just catching up. It looks as though Daeruin has answered all of your questions as well as I could (thanks, Daeruin, and welcome aboard!), but I will just add a little explanation to (1): you can only choose image documents for the cover image. If you import an image inside a regular text document, then that document is still a text document, just as a Word document with an image in it is a text document and not an image document. The cover image chooser won’t let you choose text documents, only image documents, which is why you need to import the image file directly into the binder (e.g. the Research folder) and not have it inside the text of a text document.

All the best,