Format table: cell borders


I’ve been working with a lot of tables recently and usually end up adding various rows or columns as I go. Every time I do this, I have to manually change the new cells to match the rest of the table. Is there a feature to set default table border settings? Or will there be one. I’d really appreciate it if there was!

How are you adding the new rows or columns? If you are at the end of the table, you can just hit Tab from the last cell to add a new row. Alternatively, you can Ctrl-click into the table and choose to add a column or row before or after the current one (you can do this via the Format > Table menu, too). If you use any of these methods, the new row or column will use the same format (including borders) as the one adjacent to it. The only time this isn’t respected is when you use the floating palette to do all of this. The floating palette is just Apple’s standard tables palette, and unfortunately there’s no way of overriding its behaviour.