Format Toolbar in different language

So Scriviner’s formatting toolbar is in a different language. It should be in English, but it’s not. I’ve checked the system language, which is in English. I’ve checked the active language, which is English. I’ve checked Scriviner’s language, which is set to English.

What version of Scrivener, please? What operating system and version? Just this project, or all of them?

It’s Scrivener v,3, windows 11 22H2, all projects. They change as the different project starts up.

Hi! did u solve it? I have a similar problem, i want the program in spanish but the toolbar is in english! And i cant change it, my sistem language is in spanish and the Scriveners language is in spanish too. i changed also the dictionary to the spanish!

I wasn’t, no. But it did somehow fix itself. There seems to be some kind of problem with that.