Formating: Interview Style effecient way

Hello everybody,
I’m writing a book in an interview style. That means that the most part of the books contains of dialogs that are written in this way:

Tim: Hello, How are you?
Anne: Nice, Thank, you
Tim: What are you doing…

As a lot of customers I’m coming from Word. Here I created 5 macros for each of my characters. Per Shortcut my sentence starts with the name of the person who speaks formatted in bold and then the speach continues in normal text wihtout bold and justified. From here I’m writing my speach for the character. With ALT-RETURN I have a line break in my text.

Describing text between the dialogs is in justified text that starts intend.

So basically I have 3 templates one when a character speaks, one for the nomal text and the last one for headlines.

My question is: What is the best way to get this result in Scrivener, without adjustung everything by hand? Especially for later compiling I want to do it the right way from the beginning. I attached a picture about the expected result. It’s written in german but I think the picture is clear

Kind regards

The easiest way to get the headlines correct for compile is to have each headlined section as a separate document with the headline as title.
For the character names and formatting I would use Text expander or Alfred snippets.

Okay thanks for the tips. I will work with Presets and with an external automation tool.

How can I set shortcuts for my created presets?

I found this article for mac that explains pretty handy how it works under MAc. … scrivener/

But how do I set a shortcut with my PC?