Formatted, clickable TOC for mobi output in windows

I have read through the manual and the postings and cannot find what I need.

I want to have a TOC generate by Scrivener. This is for a box set of books. I would like to have the individual chapters in each book indented under the title because as you probably know, we get an overall table of contents at the beginning of the book.

I know how to do the copy special as TOC function and to paste it into a new document. I get a nice looking TOC which the MOBI format ignores and creates a second, non-formatted one. My “pretty” one has hyperlinks which work in scrivener but not when loaded into Kindle previewer. They’re just plain text at that point.

Naming the file “Contents” and having it in the draft folder is supposed to suppress the automatic TOC. I did that and it doesn’t. Am I missing something? Are there any tricks to make this work?

I’m running windows Version: - 15 Jun 2018 on a Windows 7 64 bit PC

There’s no way to disable the automatic ToC created by ebook formats in Scrivener 1 for Windows. If you need to edit the automatic ToC, you could compile to ePub format instead of Kindle, then edit your ePub file in a suitable editor such as Sigil before converting it to Kindle format via Amazon’s Kindle Previewer application.