Formatting A Novel in Pages 09

Hi! I just finished a novel and I’m working on minor revisions. I’m beyond the point where Scrivener could help,so I’m using Mac. But I’m a new user and can’t figure out all the formatting issues (chapter headings, new chapter indentations, Table of Contents, etc). Can anyone out there help? Thanks. :confused:

Novel format is quite basic.
Header: date on left, short title in center, last name, page # on right
Body text: 1-inch margins (left/right), double-space, 12-point font (Courier or Times New Roman)
Chapters: Title in bold face or bold italic, one blank space, then body text. (no ch. numbers in fiction)
Indentations: 3 to 5 spaces, but no more.
Table of Contents: generally not used in fiction.

Courier is not attractive, but it provides a quick count for publishers as to book length.
Good luck!

PS: in Pages, make yourself a Novel and/or Chapter template and save it in Template Chooser.

Thank you so much!

How do I set up a chapter template? I bought this Mac because I thought it would be easier and friendlier than my PC, but now I’m not so sure… :unamused:

The Mac is much easier, but it helps if you speak to it with a Scottish brogue.
Just kidding. :open_mouth:
To make and save a template in Pages, do this:
Launch the program.
The Template Chooser asks you to make a choice.
Choose Blank.
In that file, enter the formatting I previously described.
Then File: Save As Template.
Call that file Novel or Chapter, as you wish.
From that point on, Select Chapter when you need it.
The template file lives at
root: Library: Application Support: iWork: Pages: Templates: My Templates
You can modify and rename those files as you wish.
root is the little house icon, with whatever name you’ve given it.
It’s a really good idea to use the Pages tutorial and Help files, often.

Hey Druid!

I’ll try it all - if it doesn’t work - can I adopt you?

Here’s a sample Pages template for a book. Note though, that the paper size is U.S. letter paper, a size not used for publishing books. Here’s the link: … plate.html.