Formatting "active comment" in Inspector?

When revising text in the Main Editor, I typically have the Inspector Pane open to the Comments tab. I usually have a whole stack of comments linked to various words in the editor text as notes to myself for when I re-write.

In the previous version of Scrivener it was easy to click on text in the editor and see immediately which comment in the Inspector corresponded (it either dimmed, changed color or got brighter–I don’t remember). Now, it is almost impossible to see the highlighting or border that signifies the “active” comment. As far as I can tell, there is only a very thin line of brown around the edge of the comment. Is there a way to change this? I often find myself clicking between multiple texts trying to figure out what comments corresponds to what.

As I played further before I posted, I see that this is only an issue in Dark mode. In light mode the highlight around the active comment is obvious. I work in Dark Mode and just can’t see it. Can a white border be used as a highlight border in Dark mode?

Thanks for help.

Are you using Big Sur?

I think the colour of the ‘active comment’ highlight is set using the Big Sur Highlight Colour (System Preferences > General > Accent Colour.

By default it’s set to the rainbow pizza, which seems to mean that each program is given its own accent colour (it’s purple for Scrivener for me).

If I change the accent colour, then the box around the active comment changes to that colour - in the screen shot I’ve changed it to yellow.

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 10.37.14.png[/attachment]

So if you experiment, you may be able to find an accent colour that works for you in both light and dark mode.

Even if you’re not using Big Sur, then this is probably the first place to look at the highlight colour…


Thanks so much. I am using Big Sur, updated OS and Scrivener.

Great thinking, but alas it did not change anything. My comment boxes are yellow in Dark Mode and the highlighting is a thin thin brown. I tried changing system preferences to blue, but nothing changed.

Take a look a the example I made:

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 11.16.40 AM.png[/attachment]

I really I would like to not only be able to select the color of the boundary around active/selected comment but also edit the width of that boundary (it is so thin) and have a dim effect on non-selected comments or a brighter shade for active comment. As it is, I just can not see the difference without spending a minute–big slow down.

I’ve just checked and I think it may be tied to whether you keep the Editors light or not — if the Editor is in Dark Mode as well, I get the blue line. If the Editor has Scrivener > Appearance > Keep Editors light ticked, then the line is brown. I don’t think changing the border is user-configurable to that extent, though Support will know better than I.

You may be able to change the background colour of the Comments Inspector (it’s in Preferences > Appearance) to minimise the effect, but it will be trial and error to get an acceptable combination.

Thanks. I am able to get a blue highlight around a comment if I click on comment in the inspector (but then the linked text isn’t really highlighted in any distinguishable way from other text linked to a comment), but NOT if I click on linked text. When selecting the text in the Editor the linked comment does not have a blue boundary.
I have played with all the Themes, System Preferences, and Scrivener preferences that I can find in various configurations and can’t find one that make it clear which comment goes to what text in Dark Mode which is a bummer.

  • Please add to the fix list: select color and width of comment boundaries in Inspector and have a dim/highlight feature for active selected comment and text in Dark Mode.

Sorry, but selecting the comment in the inspector flashes the correct comment for me, which then has a slightly different background colour (the whole text of comment becomes selected, so it’s quite clear which one is selected). Again, clicking on the comment in the text (click when you see the cursor to a finger) highlights the one in the Inspector, with whatever the highlight is, and the box stands slightly proud from the others.

Thinking about the blue / not blue box around the Inspector comment, the best I can come up with is this:

If you click on the comment in the text, you get a Scrivener-generated highlight box, the colour of which is automatically generated from the background colour of the comment. (Right click on a comment and choose another colour, the click on the comment in the text — you’ll see the highlight box border changes colour). But if you click directly on the Inspector, then it uses the Mac’s defining highlight colour — blue as we’ve set it up in this thread.

You may be able to find a comment background colour which suits you (to my eyes, the difference between highlighted and non-highlighted is clear enough with the defaults not to cause confusion), but I’m just a user, and any changes are of course a matter for the developers. It may be worth doing a separate post in the Wish List forum to bring your requests directly to their attention?