Formatting Bar

I use MS Word’s formatting tools A LOT so I’m a little disappointed how cumbersome Scrivener’s is. Let’s say I want to create and then apply a new format called “Heading 2.”

To Create:

  1. Select Text
  2. Format / Formatting / New Preset from Selection
  3. Dialogue box appears, click all that applies

Word’s Option (at least how it used to work):

  1. Select Text
  2. Right click text
  3. “Update [Format Name]”

To apply

  1. Select text
  2. Format / Formatting / Apply Preset / Click desired preset

My Suggestion

  1. Select Text
  2. Click on formatting bar (see attached)
  3. Select desired format from drop down menu

By and large text formatting is not handled in the main application toolbar. The text formatting toolbar is the smaller one below it, where you can read the font name, apply highlights and so forth. Check the very first button on that bar, the ¶a icon: that’s what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

As for other stuff, yeah, Word is a stylesheet driven WYSIWYG desktop publishing hybrid. Scrivener is a writing program with some formatting presets, emphasis on writing not formatting. It’s not going to even remotely compete, but we will continue to improve it over time.

It’s also worth noting that you can go to Tools>Format Toolbars and reorganize both your Main Toolbar AND your Format Toolbar to better suit your needs, as well as add some other formatting options that are not immediately and obviously available. This won’t allow you to move the Preset Selector to the Main Toolbar where you feel it should be, but it will allow you to move it more upfront and center where it might be more convenient for you to use.