Formatting Chapter Title Pages

Forgive me - I’m new and although writing the book was a task, formatting the book is just as complex! At least for me.

I’m trying to figure out a few things about the chapter title pages. The template I’m using (modified Modern) does almost exactly what I need it to do. I would however like the title and subtitle down the page a bit and also have the ability to add a quote to each chapter title pages. Is there a way to add a quote to the chapter titles in the book? I can always add it post-compile but it would be nice to have it all in the draft.

I’ve added a screenshot to show sorta what I’m after.

I should also add that the compiler is getting the chapter titles from the folders which contain the material for that particular topic.

Can someone help?

Thank you!

I do a similar thing, explained at the Dropbox link:

and a very different export from the same content:

In short (skipping a few details), put several <$title> in the Prefix with blank lines before and after it to taste. Make the epigraph a separate document with a different section layout if you want it formatted differently from the rest of the chapter folder (or compile it as-is).

If the chapter folder has nothing in it but the epigraph, you can format the chapter layout to taste for your epigraph or format it in the Editor and Compile as-is.

Either way, you can format the title separately in compile.

If you’re using Scrivener 1.9, some of that could be difficult, but the beta should do.


Thank you for the great info. I’m well on my way to solving my issues because of your info.