Formatting citation in HTML Export - class="citation"?

Unfortunately I was not able to put my problem in a single line. But it is easy to describe.

As background:
I use Scrivener to write articles for my blog in Marked2 style and then I export them to html and more or less post these articles.
Some time ago I started to use citations in combination with Endnote8 more and more. I use these by copying the citation from endnote to my scrivener article then I use a Textexpander Shortcut to produce a Marked citation e.g. [#quote]: … and a link

. That’s work like a charm.
Then I want export it to html and there I want to have the citation number not in brackets [] but in superscript: superscript

When I look in the produced HTML I find that the quotation numbers are surrounded by <a class=“citation” … > … . As an example:

How can I change this to a superscript format? Where do I find this class “citation” and can I change that?