Formatting corkboard cards

I type on index cards but want to start new lines. I hit ‘enter’ to move to next line down to begin typing a new line but does not work as it would in a word doc. It seems all the text on a card must run together and only goes to a new line when the text hits the right margin of the card. Is this the way it is supposed to work or is there a way to type , eg. in paragraphs, or with A, B, C etc on successive lines. Thanks for any suggestions.

Uncheck the first box, check the second one.

2022-01-16 14_55_34-Window

Vincent. THANK You. Simple, but I wasn’t getting it. Frustration level down.

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When the first option is checked, I believe you can do a Shift+Return to start a new line when needed.

Jen, thanks. I have checked the first box as recommended and now all working for me. I just did not think that the “behaviors” choice would be where I needed to go.

If it misbehaves, where else? (When in doubt, I look everywhere.)

… or ask here… (Why not ?)