Formatting Dialog Confusion

Just a quick note to describe how frustrating the formatting dialog is.

I wanted to check what paragraph formatting I had used in the compile options.

I open the compile dialog and select the formatting dialog and choose the appropriate level, and click Modify. I select a paragraph and I see 1.0x 6.0 in the formatting drop down.

I cannot remember or figure out how to change that. I seem to remember that I click the A, but that is grayed out. Section Layout is only concerned with the title.

There’s no clue as to how to do it, or even see the paragraph formatting.

I read then entire manual section 22.8, and there’s nothing.

So partly, I’m asking you to remind me how to do this (I’ve done it before), but mostly I’m recommending that you make this more easily discoverable.

I have clicked every button in that dialog, and I can see no way to view or change the paragraph formatting. Bold, Italic, Underline, and ruler margin options work. Clicking on the justification buttons has no effect.

I cannot get that “A” to change from greyed-out to normal.

Maybe this is a beta problem.