Formatting ellipses

I’ve been told i need nonbreaking space between my ellipses. I’m going for this look: bla bla . . . bla bla. But the ellipses will break on the page so one dot could end up on a line beneath the rest. I can’t seem to figure out how to make them not do this. Any help is appreciated!

In Scrivener a non-breaking space is Ctrl-G followed by Ctrl -W
In MS Word a non-breaking space is Ctrl shift space

So in Scrivener ellipses are entered as follows: .Ctrl-GCtrl -W. Ctrl-GCtrl -W.

Hope this help


Does Windows not give you a way to enter the UTF-8 ellipsis glyph? It’s easy on the Mac, with a very simple shortcut and, at the bottom of the Edit menu there is an entry to open a panel of symbols and other characters.


And if that’s too cumbersome, you can just use a compile-time replacement to find any series of 3 periods and replace them with the UTF-8 ellipsis character.

The Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition) 13.48 states that the “Chicago Style is to indicate such omissions by the use of three spaced periods . . .” so that’s what I have described rather than use of the UTF-8 ellipsis character, I note that my response also directly responds to Bethin2301’s question, which is attempting to follow the Chicago Style.

I apologise if this is incorrect but as an Australian I have to assume that style guides actually know what they’re talking about when they recommend an American publishing style (or at least Illinois style). :smiley:

According to this FAQ, either is fine: … q0015.html

But either way, if adding non-breaking spaces is too cumbersome to type while you’re writing in Scrivener, you can either set up a compile-time substitution for 3 periods ( … ), and elipsis ( … ), or 3 spaced-out periods without non-breaking spaces ( . . . ). For that matter, put 3 compile time substitutions in, one for each of theses possible variations, and replace them all with the properly formatted non-breaking spaced series of 3 periods. Then you don’t have to think so hard about it, and you can be sure it always comes out correctly.

Thanks Robert. I wasn’t aware of the FAQ. I don’t think the publisher has the flexibility to use either, but it certainly makes sense for the author. The publisher, on the other hand, has to follow the house style. The important thing is that the author is consistent.

As a publisher of SF&F I spend a lot of time fixing up an authors manuscript, particularly sorting out quote marks, n dashes, m dashes, hyphens and ellipsis. And then authors may be consistent within a book, but they’ve decided to change from single to double quotes between books in the same series. Oh joy.