Formatting for Composing Website Content

A friend has asked me to compose the content for her new website for her business. Once I have it finished, I’m to send to the web developer, so she can upload it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to format Scrivener for writing web content so that when compile it, it will be clear to the web developer which content belongs to which menu item? I would also like some suggestions for how to include notes for the developer that are some how "separated’ from the main content.

I’d take a look at the Formatting compile option pane for some options that could suit you. Along the top you can choose various different bits of information to include in the output, and you can format them below in a “template” manner. You could sort everything relating to a single web page into a folder, and call that folder what the web developer should file it under, setting the “Title” checkbox for folders. For notes to the designer, consider Document Notes, which you can access while writing from the Inspector. These can be included in the Formatting pane as well, with independent formatting to set them apart from the main text.

Thanks, Amber.