Formatting header in compile

How can I add underlining in my header when compiling to paperback 6 X 9 format?

While this post covers a number of other concepts, it also demonstrates adding an underscore to the heading in the Chapter Break section layout. To view what is being done:

  1. Open the attached test project in the linked post.
  2. Go into File ▸ Compile... and double-click on the “Styled Headings” compile format to edit it.
  3. In the Section Layouts pane, select the “Chapter Break” layout and then click on the Prefix tab.
  4. What you’re looking at here is a simple sequence of non-breaking spaces with simple underline formatting applied to them. On the Mac this can also be inserted with the Insert ▸ Horizontal Line ▸ Centered Line menu command. You will probably need to trim the length of it by deleting spaces to make it fit to the page.