Formatting Headings in Scrivener so they are Recognised as Headings in Word

Hi there,

Is it possible to use headings in Scrivener that are then recognised automatically as headings in MS Word?

I’ve tried using the ‘Copy Documents as ToC’ to create a Table of Contents in Word but there are always issues with the formatting so I am wanting to create a ToC using Word, but without having to go to each heading in Word and apply the relevant style.

Many thanks


Not in the current version of Scrivener.

The best workaround is to give the headings unique formatting in Scrivener, then use Word’s Find by Formatting feature to assign styles.


The other alternative is to use MMD — the conversion created Headings 1-6 by default. But this only applies if you are willing to use MD instead of the RTF for other formatting in your document.

The next version of Scrivener V3.0 will, according to various posts on this board, be able to do this as it will support paragraph and character styles, which we can only hope will get converted on compile. There is no estimated time when Scrivener 3 will be available.

In May, Keith said Scrivener 3 would be available this year.

That looks unlikely now, but presumably getting close(ish) to release.