Formatting help

I am a beginner and think I set up my chapters wrong, I go to compile and only half the draft shows up as a pdf.

I wish there was a screenshot to look at a proper way to set up Title, Introduction, Chapter Title, Chapter

I have folders created for each chapter and placed under manuscript, been playing around with this for two days and very frustrated. Looked at tutorials, answers in forum etc.

I just want to create a simple pdf of my book.

help please


One quick way to check and make sure that all of the content you want to be in the Draft folder (which it sounds like it is renamed to “Manuscript” in your project) is to collapse it. Click the arrow next to it in the binder, and if there are folders and files that are still listed at the top level after doing so, they aren’t actually nested within the Draft folder, and will not compile by default.

Easy fix in that case: select each of the folders that should be in Draft by clicking on them with the Command key held down. Once you have them all selected, drag and drop them onto the Draft folder to move them into that level, all added to the end of the list within that folder.

If it works correctly, the Draft folder will expand again, the folders you indented will collapse, hiding their contents, and they should now all be listed at the same indent level. Try collapsing the draft again to make sure nothing was left outside of it that should be included.

Now when you go into compile, on the right-hand side is a Contents list (click the first tab button if you see something else). Scroll through this and make sure everything has a checkmark beside it, that should be compiling. If you see everything you should be seeing in this list and it is checked, and it still compiles only half, then we’ll probably need to take a closer look at exactly what you’re doing. There are just too many ways to do things “wrong” since so many of those things are what people would want, just being used incorrectly, if that makes sense. The above is a common problem and a good example of that: if we made it impossible or very difficult to get folders at the root level, it would be annoying to those that don’t want to merely work with the Research and Draft folders as top-level organisers, alone.