Formatting in Windows

I am currently working on a document that requires constant headings and bullet points. Currently working in the trial version of Scrivener 1- hoping for insight into getting this working in 1 or confirmation that this is easier in 3? I want to buy it before 3 comes out, but I’ve had such issues working with formatting I’m nervous. I’ve done my best to search the forums for this answer.

[] Is there a shortcut to switch to heading formatting? I can’t find any documentation of a shortcut. and Markdown doesn’t automatically format it to my style.
] When I’ve typed my heading and hit enter, it doesn’t automatically switch back to paragraph, and I can’t find a shortcut to switch to paragraph style. I have never seen a test editor do this?
[*] I can’t figure out how to save the formatting for bullet points (I specifically want to set the rulers for bullet points to be different than the paragraphs/body.)