Formatting issue following inserted link

When I insert a link (e.g., to a file or Web page) into a document, if the link is located at the end of the document, then the text that follows it sometimes continues to be blue and underlined, and seems to be treated as part of the link. (Not, of course, if I’m trying to create a test document to demonstrate this! :slight_smile: ) This can continue even if I press Enter a time or two to create a new line. I’ve even used Ctrl+A to select all the text in a short file and then Del to delete it and start over, and when I start over the text is still formatted like a link.

I’ve noticed the same issue sometimes, I think.

I don’t have the fix or anything, but one thing I do is usually put a few extra lines at the end of every document, then paste the link a line or two before that, so I still have “normal” text after that.

Or, if you’re desperate, copy the actual link URL, then convert the text to default text (Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style). I’ve found that’s about the only way to get rid of bad formatting. Then you can just add the link manually (highlight word/sentence that you want to be a link, then go to Edit > Link).

Hope this helps!

Yeah, formatting following links is tricky. I thought maybe we’d got this working, so typing a space after a link ends the formatting, but if you can find a way to consistently reproduce it at the end of a document, please let me know–it might help Lee figure out what’s causing the problem in some cases and find a way to work around it it.

Thanks. I’ve been using the same extra-line workaround as Lanie, which functions just fine. For me, these are working tools anyway, not final documents. If I run into one with the problem again, I’ll post again, and maybe send the file.