Formatting issues when importing from Word

Hello all.

A newbie here. After years of avoiding Scrivener, because I was frightened of how complicated it seems, I’ve eventually decided to take the plunge.

However, after importing each of my scenes from word documents, I noticed that most of the indents on new paragraphs are too big. I learnt that this is probably because those large intends are due tab being used in Word to create the indents.

Is there a way of converting the tabs to indents in Scrivener? Or does it need to be done in Word before importing?

In Scrivener, Edit → Text Tidying → Remove first line indents (or words to that effect) is what you need.

As you’re on Windows, you might only be able to apply it document by document—as a Mac user I’m not sure—rather than to the whole draft/manuscript in one go.

You could also probably do it with Project Research and Replace; you need to use Alt-Tab (I think) to enter the tab in the Search field.




Even in Word it’s not a good idea to use Tabs for indents. Better to have used Styles or at least paragraph formatting…

Be that as it may, I searched this forum and found the top hit from almost a decade ago. There might be more recent ones.

which explains how to find and replace tabs. Replace tabs as “nothing” and rely on your compile settings (or styles) to set the indents you want. I don’t use the Windows version to confirm that this still works, but I’m confident it does.

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Brilliant, thanks. Yeah, I did find and replace all tabs in the end. Worked a treat.

Just what I was looking for. I copy and pasted the tabs into find & replace all with nothing. Did the job.
All these years and I had no idea not to use tabs. Forever learning eh?
Thanks very much for your input.

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