Formatting My Completed Novel - Is One Style Guide for Each Chapter Possible? - KDP Output


I’ve completed my 80 chapter novel and now I’d like to compile it for output to Amazon KDP for a proof copy.

The files are currently set up for my agent for a regular publisher submission. (I’m only creating the KDP proof copy to give to friends as advance copies.) So, each section is set up for a basic, double-space submission.

I have completely copied the file with Save As and I’m working on the new copy for KDP output…so is it possible to do a complete reformatting (single-space, .25 indent) in one swoop? Essentially, use a style guide for all 80 chapters?

I don’t want to have to go in an manually format every single chapter back to single space, etc. (i.e. I’d like to select all 80 files and set the formatting to be the same in every chapter)

Here’s a screen of my first 19 chapters so you can see how I have my Act 1 organized.

Also, to clarify, I do see I can compile and output to a 6x9 novel format…my problem is I have many five-space hard returns. I’d like to undo those and just have a .25 indent (I have many of those too…wish I would have set it all up proper at the beginning!)

Thanks for you help and input!

Joey O’Connor