Formatting new project Windows

I am trying to set a default font a(and ruler and indent) format for a new project. I would like each new text within the project to open with this default format. I can’t find a command set which works with my version of Scrivener (Windows either in this forum or searching on Google. Using menu format/formatting/ only gives me the option to apply preset -which I seem to have to do to every new page separately. Tools/options/Editor shows the default main text attributes but I can’t see any way to edit these. I’ve searched the Scrivener manual but that hasn’t answered my question.

Options > Editor > Default Main Text Attributes

Thanks very much. I hadn’t realised I needed to format the text in the window - I was expecting to click through to a menu of font type, size etc

Hello Chanmer,
You don’t actually format the text in the window. It is just a graphical representation of what you have set using the menus above the window. That is where you set your font type, indentation ect. This will then be the default for new documents.