Formatting of table width and bullets when using an Enumerated Outline format

I am using the “Enumerated Outline” format (Decimal Outline Item) and am finding that while text is correctly aligned to the indentation level of the enumerated outline, tables and bulleted lists are not. They seem to be unaffected by the compile-time Layout. I would have expected tables and bulleted lists to be anchored in the same way as the paragraphs. I’ve poked around the forum and the manual and haven’t seen anything that talks about this. Is there something I can read to help me solve this issue?

I found the following on p.425 of the manual:

If there is an “Enumerated Outine” format shipped with Scrivener and this outline format is typically used in technical writing, which uses bullets and tables, there must be a workaround. Can anyone tell me what that might be? I often use bullets and tables in my work. These are currently not “obeying” the indent level of the template. Perhaps some references to articles on how to do something at least functionally equivalent?