Formatting of text shifts mid-page

I have.

You know how you add a new document and then type in content? Well. Within that SINGLE document, fonts and margins change once compiled from page to page.

Settings are applied to a single document but something is causing things to change between pages of that single document.

We look into all reported bugs and are continuously trying to eliminate them. The Compile command is complex, though, so it’s often necessary to look at specific examples to decide whether some unexpected behavior is due to a “bug” or simply a setting having unexpected consequences.

The most likely cause of inconsistent formatting within the same document is that some of the text has a Style applied, and the Compile command is processing Styled and un-styled text differently. If you’d like for someone to look at the project directly to see what’s going on, you’re welcome to open a support ticket, here: Contact Us | Literature and Latte

No, it’s not styles. Already checked that. The settings for margins is set as well but changes upon compile.

I also posted an example of footnotes hosing a paragraph on compile to PDF (the paragraph splits to a second page). Excluding the footnotes fixes the issue. Including the footnotes but compiling to a .docx results in no paragraph issue at all. I included a screenshot too.

Please don’t tell me to watch a compile video, and please don’t tell me it’s a paragraph setting - it’s none of those things.

I saw the report of unusual paragraph splitting. That does appear to be a bug, and I encourage you to report it through our support system if you haven’t already.

The Compile command can certainly change margins. If that’s not it, again, I encourage you to submit a support ticket. Without looking at the project, it’s impossible to offer more than generic suggestions.