Formatting paragraph breaks for Simplenote sync?

Hi – I am using Scrivener on my laptop (most recent software versions) and just recently opened a Simplenote account so I can continue drafting on my iPad. I am finding that whenever I sync between them something is removing all my paragraph breaks. I thought I’d check here in case anyone else has also experienced this problem. As is often the case I may be missing something very obvious, but any advice would be most appreciated :neutral_face:
Thanks in advance

HI again — perhaps this is more an issue with how I have been formatting my original Scrivener documents? After reading the manual, I’m now wondering whether paragraph breaks need to be specially formatted in order to survive in the cloud? Am I heading down the right track?

I don’t have much to offer (sorry) except to say that I have not and any issue with SimpleNote when I have used it in the past.

In case it is useful, the way I set it up was to create a specific SimpleNote sync folder within Scrivener and sync this folder only. Any notes in SimpleNote with the correct tag would then get synced to Scrivener. I used to use it for when I had ideas “on the go” or for trying to make effective use of my commute time. I only rarely synced both ways. I never had to do anything special with paragraph breaks.

All of the plain-text synchronisation options (which is pretty much anything when it comes to the iPad) include the ability to add extra carriage returns between paragraphs, and to on the inverse strip the extras out when syncing back into a rich text environment. Generally speaking, people only want a single carriage return between paragraphs in a rich text environment. But without visual indentation or spacing tools in plain-text, this can result in a huge blob of unreadable text. So that is why there are options for adding and removing extra spaces between paragraphs.

Now, if you are like me, you use extra carriage returns between paragraphs all of the time for everything. I don’t want the tool to strip out or add anything that I haven’t specifically typed in myself. So there are options for disabling these behaviour in step 1 and step 2 of the Simplenote setup. If you cannot find the option to disable blank line removal in step two, have a look at our public beta. That adjustment was added somewhat recently.