Formatting paragraph issue with tab

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Hope you can help with this issue.
My problem is about the tab. Please, see the images. On Scrivener the first line of the paragraph seems to be ok. But when I compile to .mobi or docx. that line suffer a problem. The first paragraph is fine, but the first line of the second paragraph is not in the right place.

My problem is only in that section. The rest of chapters are fine.


Thanks for your help.

I think you are right, there is a tab character problem in text that is pushing the paragraphs over. I’d recommend the Format/Convert/Strip Leading Tabs menu command. And while you’re in that menu, you can show invisible characters as well, so you can verify if that is indeed the problem. The paragraphs that aren’t indenting correctly most likely have a blue arrow in front of them, that’s the tab character.

I did what you told me. Not quite sure if something has changed because of that, some paragraphs has to change manually. Anyway now everything is working fine.

Many thanks!!

Yes, the effects of the command may not be easily visible in Scrivener, owing to how tabs and indents work in such a way that they can overlap. If for example you adjust your ruler so that the first tab stop is right on top of the first-line indent, in Scrivener the paragraph will look fine with the tab. But in something that renders tabs differently you can see it more clearly as an additional spacer after the indent, making it appear as though a correctly formatted document as acquiring double-sized indents when compiled.

Well that’s all trivia at this point, glad it’s working better now. :slight_smile:


Hope it’s OK to intrude on this thread; I have a similar issue. I followed the instructions given here and it worked a treat; I no longer have double indents after compiling for Word. But in Scrivener I have now lost all my indents and can no longer see whether I have indented a newly-written para correctly. Is it possible to have both–to compile correctly AND see indents on screen in Scriv?

Thanks so much.

Try this:

“Format -> Texts -> Indents -> Increase First Line Indents"

Thanks, that works! (When I first highlight all.) But it seems to have removed the non-indent of the first line of each chapter. Not possible to retain that?