Formatting preset

I’m just wanting to clarify the best way to go here. I’ve been confused by the formatting presets, in that if the character attributes are saved, they overwrite italic, bold etc. formatting, when applied.

Is there a way of saving a preset that preserves the font format (family/size), yet respects already formatted italics?


Yes, that is what the “Save paragraph style” option is for. Only the various paragraph spacing and ruler settings will be saved. But, if you have those font boxes checked, the family and size will be applied too. So, then it’s just up to you to pick a font that has italics and bold variants, so these ranges do not get lost on font conversion.

I have a problem with turning out Word.doc compilations of my project, which are full of hidden formatting. Now I don’t know how much formatting has been transferred into the original Scrivener document (the novel itself was written on many different machines), but I’m looking for a way to strip hidden formatting without removing all the special letters and bold/italics formatting.

The reason I need to have a ‘clean’ document is for the person formatting my book for print.

Another thing is a complaint I got from a reader that my epub featured some hyphens that looked like a box with a cross through it, but not all hyphens. How can you strip something like that and still retain the attributes you want to keep?

BTW, Amber, I can’t find a ‘Save Paragraph Style’. Where is that supposed to be located?

I’m not sure if formatting presets are the right tool for what you’re trying to do, AmsterdamAssassin, those are better for things like block quotes rather than broadly cleaning out formatting. But “Save Paragraph Style” is a setting when you create or update a formatting preset (Format/Formatting/Save Selection as Style).

You’ll probably do better with the Documents/Convert/Convert Formatting to Default Text Style menu command, which of course uses your formatting preferences, and also has a number of options for selecting how much formatting that applies to the documents you have selected.

As for the hyphens, that could be a simple matter. From your description it sounds like one of the word processors this file has come from inserted some kind of Unicode character for a hyphen and the e-reader can’t display it (and hyphens shouldn’t be hard-coded into e-books anyway since the layout is not fixed). Since it is probably a character, that means you can search for it. Once you find one of them, you can see how they are being used, and if they are only being used to hard-code hyphenation, just wipe them all out with search and replace (if you’ve already split up the file, you can use Edit/Find/Project Replace…).

Wouldn’t that also wipe all the bold and italic words/phrases?

It will give you an option to do so, but it won’t remove them by default.

Actually it doesn’t even give you an option for that. Things such a text colour, italics and highlights will always be preserved by this command if it is possible to do so (choosing a font without an italic variant as your default would lose italics, obviously).

I stand corrected. I should have double checked instead of just recalling my memory. :blush: