Formatting problem with indents during compile

Hello –

I am using Scrivener to write grant applications, and part of that involves writing bibliographies which include a number of indents. The formatting on the bibliography looks fine in Scrivener (see screen shot #1) but gets really wonky when I compile (see screen shot #2). How can I prevent this from happening?

Thank you!

One approach would be to use a style for these entries, perhaps called “Bibliography Entry”, so that they can be identified as such, and have their unique formatting preserved if the compiler tries to reformat them. Note when you create a style you can set it up to continue using that same style when you press Return, which will probably be what you want for something like this.

Another approach (though not mutually exclusive; these techniques could easily be combined) would be to create a “Back Matter” section type in your Project Settings, and assign it to a simple Section Layout in the compile overview screen; something that perhaps cuts to a new page and otherwise just prints the contents of the editor verbatim (some compile Formats have a Layout called “New Page” that does just that).

Although for a completely different use-case, this recent post describes in greater detail the section type/layout setup steps. And of course just let me know if you need any further clarity on any aspect of that.