Formatting problem.

I don’t know if this message got through or not.

  1. How do you put a copyright symbol in a Scrivener file?
    I am trying to fix some question in my pub. When I hit return I get -
    1. How did Solomon describe God in 8:22-27?
      1. Why would people in the future come to the altar and what would they ask of God?
      1. What was God’s promise and warning to Solomon? (9:3-10)
      1. What had Solomon done that displeased Hiram?

Forgot any help will be appreciated.

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For a copyright symbol, just type “©” and then a space, and it should automatically get converted to a copyright symbol (otherwise you can insert it using Edit > Special Characters…).

For the odd numbering you are seeing, it looks as though the text is formatted as bullets (it is possible for bullet formatting to exist when it’s not visible). Select the text and go to Format > Lists > None.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Keith. How do I build a table of contents. That the link can be clicked on to go to that lesson?

That depends on what format you are exporting to. Are you creating a PDF file? If so, select the documents you want in the ToC and use Edit > Copy Special > Copy Documents As ToC, then paste into the document in which you want your ToC. The current version doesn’t support internal links in PDF files, so you will need the beta of the upcoming version for this to work, available here:

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Alternative route to copyright symbol = Opt-g



I never knew that! Thanks!