Formatting problems after copying or importing from Word

After I compile into a Word doc to send to my critique partners, I like to do my edits in the Word doc before bringing back into Scrivener. I have tried both importing and also just copy/paste from Word to Scrivener, but it doesn’t work properly. I end up with a wide white margin on the right side that I have to manually manipulate line by line when I compile my final draft. How can I work in Word and bring it back into Scrivener without this additional white space occuring on the right hand side?

Since Scrivener tries to preserve formatting as much as possible during import, there’s not a way to prevent it bringing in the right-indent that Word sets. You can fix it quickly after the fact though by selected the imported documents and using Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style. This will format it according to the settings in the Editor tab of Tools > Options, with any exceptions that you make when prompted (e.g. you can choose to preserve alignment or font size). Character formatting like bold and italic will always be preserved through the conversion so long as the default font has an italic and bold variant.

Thank you, Jennifer. That fixed it! I appreciate the help.