Formatting screws up when switching between screens

I love using Scapple but I have a problem when I switch between using Scapple on my laptop and using it with a large monitor attached (which I have at my home and my office). If I create a Scapple on my laptop without a screen attached, and then attempt to open on an attached monitor (greater screen resolution) all the notes are spaced out, including all the stacked notes which now have large gaps between them. This takes me a little while to tidy up.

However, when I create a scapple on my large monitor and then attempt to open it on my laptop while away from home, all the notes are squashed up and overlapped. This takes a looooong time to fix as now the connections are hidden behind the notes, and it is just one big mess.

Apologies if this issue has already been addressed, but I cannot find it in the forum, so please point me to the relevant thread if this is so.

Thank you in advance

I just got a laptop that has the 3k by 2k display and the Scapple document has all the notes overlapping each other. On my 3440 by 1440 it still looks fine.

I have this exact same problem. When I switch between the two it either piles everything on top of itself or it spreads everything out to what feels like infinity. I tried changing the screen resolution to match on both machines (both set to 1920x1080) hoping this would correct the problem but it doesn’t. Is there a solution for this?

I am having the same problem when switching resolutions and also when switching between Mac and Windows on the same document.

I’m using a Surface Pro 2017 with Windows 10. I’ve got a hi-res monitor attached to it. But the bigger problem is in sharing the notes made on Mac with Windows. On Windows, when opening a Mac-created Scapple file, all the notes bunch together.

I have the same issue when switching from a HP laptop to a Surface Pro. Does anyone have a fix for this?

It does not help with the solution, I know… Got the same issue. Desktop version (Eizo Screen) looks fine, on the Surface Book II as described above. I checked fonts installed, this looked fine.
What also happens is a slight positional shift of notes and connections when reopening the file on the same PC.
Overall promising product. Right now not usable, it needs to be portable.

I’ve got the same issue. Any solution to fix this??

I “fixed” it by setting my Scale and Layout from 200% on my SurfaceBook to 100%… Windows 10, Now the layout matches what I have on my jumbo monitors.