Formatting Tags

I am trying out the Windows version of Scrivener and I am curious about a couple of things.

Is there a reference for which formatting tags, those variables for chapter and section numbers and such, that lists them and which ones work in the Windows version?

Also, I can’t seem to figure out how to not have the options under Edit ->Insert -> Auto Number to not be greyed out. I’m looking for ways to alter the numbering style and having Chapter numbering restart in each section of a multi-section novel with chapters.

Thanks for your help.

The variables that are currently available are all those listed under the Edit > Insert menu item: the auto-numbering listed there and word and character counts. The <$p> tag for page numbering is available only in the header and footer, indicated in the Page Settings pane of Compile. There’s no list of these all together at the moment, but I think the manual will get updated with this.

If I’m understanding correctly, the tag you’ll want is <$rst>. This tag will restart numbering, but it needs to come immediately before the number tag. There will be some options for this down the road which will make it easier to get the output you’re looking for, but it is doable; you’ll just need to play around a bit with the set up in the binder and the formatting in compile. You’ll add all the numbering tags as part of the title prefix in compile, and the key will be using different numbering systems for parts and chapters (e.g. use Roman numerals for parts and Arabic for chapters, as the Novel with Parts template does) and then having a distinction between the first chapter in each part and the other chapters within the part.

Here’s an example of how it could be done. Set up the Draft folder in the binder along these lines:
Part (folder)

  • Chapter (folder)
    ---- scene (doc)
    ---- scene (doc)
  • Chapter (doc group)
    ---- scene (doc)
    Part (folder)
  • Chapter (folder)
    ---- scene (doc)

Here the first chapter of each part is distinct from the other chapters by being a folder instead of a document group (that is, a document with subdocuments), and it’s distinct from the Parts folders because it’s at the second level (it’s indented in the binder, a subfolder of the Part folder). This lets you set up the formatting in compile something like this:
Folders level 1 - Prefix “Part <$R>”
Folders level 2+ - Prefix “Chapter <$rst><$n>”
Doc groups level 1+ - Prefix “Chapter <$n>”
Documents level 1+ - no prefix

When you compile this, then, you’ll get the parts coming out as “Part I”, “Part II” and so on, and the chapters as “Chapter 1”, “Chapter 2” etc., but since the <$rst> tag is included in the prefix for the first chapter of each section (the folder level 2), you’ll always start each part with “Chapter 1”.

Thanks, that was very helpful. Also answered the question of how to get numbers for chapters instead of words. Cheers!

I’m off to try it all out. :smiley:

Here is a link to MM’s earlier description of the tags and what they do, which I keep bookmarked in my internet favourites.

Might be worth having these in the Manual as well…

Wow. Thank you both, PF and MM. This is a great program and a great support community. I suspect I’m going to be saying goodbye to $40 soon. :unamused: :smiley: