Formatting text in index cards

I use index cards to record individual points/quotes/themes etc, and would like to be able to format the text on the index card, at least into paragraphs and/or bullet points for example. But at the moment it seems you can only enter text in a continuous line/sentence - if you press enter while writing in a card it takes you to another card.

I’m new to the programme, so wonder if ther is there a way to format card text that I am missing? Or is this a request for the wish list?

Thanks for any advice!

  1. In the Preferences somewhere there is an option to turn on or off hitting Return moving to a new card vs entering a paragraph mark;
  2. if you want to keep Return for moving to a new card, then Opt-Return should insert a “New Paragraph” mark (it is the same in fields like search and replace, etc.
  3. on my machines, Shift-Return normally puts in the “Newline” (as opposed to New Paragraph") character, i.e. a new line without any new paragraph spacing, indenting, etc.

HTH :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark…Opt-Return did the trick for paragraphs in the cards.