Formatting Tiltes in Scrivenings

I have already turned the option to “Show Titles in Scrivenings” but was wondering if it can be formatted so it appears right justified. Anyone knows if it is possible to do that ?

I tried Preferences>Appearance>Scrivenings>Options, there is a check box for centering titles, when it is unchecked titles appears left justified. I was not able to find a way to make those titles right justified.

if you know for sure there is no way to do that, please let me know as well.

Can I ask why you want the titles in Scrivenings to be right justified? Are you by any chance writing in a right-to-left language, but using Scrivener on an English language system?


You assumed correctly. I do use Scrivener for RTL text (Arabic mainly). This works best for section/chapter titles.

However, most of my long documents are in English. Having these titles within the text reminds me of the core thesis of that part of the text (sort of an in-text markers). This works best in Composition Mode. By having titles right-justified it helps me not confuse them with text sub-heading, and they are out of the way when I read from one part to another to work on making the narrative flow better.