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During compiling, when assigning section layouts to the different section types, is there any way to specify the font and font size of the section title? If the title is long, it wraps onto a second line, which I’d like to prevent, if possible.

Is there a particular paragraph style that it is drawing from that I can reformat?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Click on Title in the sample text and use the format bar (or menus if you’re on a Mac) to set formatting for the title. The same applies for all the elements visible in the pane, which can include any or all of Text, Title, Synopsis, Metadata, Notes, Prefix, and Suffix.

In this case, the included elements are Prefix (chapter numbering) and Suffix (<$title> and a placeholder code that resolves to a POV-specific header image). I didn’t include Text, since the chapter folder has no text.

As for titles … if it’s too long, I’d shorten it.


Thank you for responding.

I have no titles on the pages, just body text, so there is nothing for me to click on. Each page has been given a section type of “chapter.”

For each chapter, I’ve assigned a section layout of “Table of Contents (Bordered).” So, when I compile, the chapter text that appears in the binder is placed on the top of the page. It’s this text that I’m trying to format.

If that is what you referenced in your post, then I apologize for not understanding it.

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See where it says “Section Title” in my screenshot? (Just above the red demo text.)
That’s actually your title, that is gonna be replaced by your binder’s document(s)'s name.
If you don’t get that “Section Title”, then it means that “title” isn’t checked for your layout in the top part.
…But then, you shouldn’t have any title issues.

Formatting of the body text is just below, red text in my screenshot.

Hi Vincent,

Thanks, but I can’t find that window anywhere. How can I access those section layouts? I don’t see them when I compile the document, nor in the preferences.



Compile panel, list on the left, double-click the one (compile format) you are compiling with.

Hi Vincent,

The Section Title text that appears above my body text looks a bit different, but it is substituted with the binder’s document(s)'s name. So, that part is working just fine.

Is it possible to format the text that appears in the binder? That text does not appear in the document. It only shows in the “Assign Section Layout” panel. For some reason, the title text isn’t centered when I view the .epub using Lithium on my phone. It aligns to the left side. That’s why I’m looking for a way to format that text.

I hope I am making myself clear. I just downloaded the program yesterday. I published my first ebook using Adobe InDesign, which is more of a layout/design program.

Thanks for your help. I tried to upload a few pics (.png and .jpeg) but wasn’t able to. Am I doing something wrong? How can I post an image in the message?

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Please do yourself a favor, and read at least the Interactive Tutorial project that ships with Scrivener.

Scrivener is not intended to replace tools like InDesign. If you already have a nearly complete manuscript, you have already done the things – researching, organizing, writing, editing – that Scrivener is best at.

To answer your specific question, the Assign Section Layouts tab has an option to Edit the individual layouts. Either use that, or right-click on the Compile Format that you’re using, to get to @Vincent_Vincent’s screenshots.

New users are restricted from posting images as an anti-spam measure. I’ll up your trust level so you can post them.

@kewms This. The usability problem should be fixed with a visible button.

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in responding. To simplify things, I added the title text to the body and, when compiling, selected a different layout. Rather than “Table of Contents (Bordered),” I chose “New Section.” As a result, the title isn’t bordered, but it will work just fine.

When I have more time, I’ll experiment and see what is and isn’t possible. I realize Scrivener is not a direct replacement for InDesign or Dreamweaver…, but it has unique functions I find appealing.

The only inconvenience I have at this point is when I view the .epub file on my phone using Lithium, none of the text centers. On my desktop using iBook, it looks as expected. For some reason, Lithium is not recognizing the applied formatting. So, I aligned everything to the left.

Thanks for your help. It is very much appreciated.

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After running a bunch of tests in the past myself, I came to the conclusion that many phone ebook readers just ditch the stylesheet, and only obey to inline formatting.
Meaning that your title would maybe need to be tagged as centered, inline, using brackets.
When I was tweaking my ebook to format properly for phone apps too, I was using Sigil, and, in its counterpart PageEdit, was (re)formatting what had a different formatting than the default, even though it was already properly formatted from the stylesheet.
So, for a title for e.g., I’d end up with the stylesheet saying it is centered, but <style=“text-align: center;”> inline too.

P.S. I gave up on such perfectionism :
1- It is a lot of work. (I usually don’t mind that so much.)
2- It is too much work once considered that if someone is reading your book on a phone app rather than the one provided by distributors such as Kobo or Kindle, they are most probably reading a cracked version of your copyrighted material. (It ain’t quite logical – and as tempting – to put in the time and embellish their experience, now, is it?)

Hi Vincent,

I agree, and it’s for that reason that I left-aligned the title text and moved on. After all, it’s an ebook. If I want something more, I’ll design an interactive pdf file.

Ebook readers remind me webpage browsers. They render pages differently because they interpret HTML codes differently, so the best approach is to keep it simple.

Thanks again for your help, and best of luck on your future projects.

Kind regards,


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