Formatting titles in-line with text

I am trying to get my document formatted at compile time so that some heading levels have the title in-line with the text. A search of the user manual and the forums has yielded no information about whether this is possible. Here’s what I am after:

Title Level 1
Some text and some other text …
and finally some other text for the major topic that encompasses level 2 headings.

Title 1 level 2. This is some more text about the first sub-topic for level 1 …
and finally this is some more text about that topic.

Title 2 level 2. This is text about the second sub-topic for level 1 …
and finally this is some more text about that topic.

When I tried deleting the line break at the end of the title in the formatting editor, it would not, so there seems to be no way to have the title in-line with the main text?

Thanks for any help on this!


No, there’s no way of doing this. The title has to be divided from the main text by a line break. If you want to do this you will have to type the titles into the document text itself.

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That’s what I was planning as a stop-gap measure. Thanks Keith.


OK. I figured out there is a way to do this at compile time. It may have been introduced in version 2.1, as I didn’t see it before, but I may have not been looking. :slight_smile: It is also addressed in the version 2.1 user manual, page 318.

This style is called a “run-in heading” in typography. To do it automatically in Scrivener:

  1. Select the level you want to have run-in headings.
  2. Make sure the title box is checked and the title is in the typeface you want (I use the same font as the text with bold applied).
  3. Click on the Level Settings… button, which brings up a pane.
  4. Click on the Title Appearance tab of that pane.
  5. Check the “Insert title as run-in head” box.

Upon compile, the title (from the binder) will be inserted at the beginning of the text instead of on its own line. In my case, I want a period after the title, so I would include a period in the Suffix field of the Level Settings… pane’s “Title prefix and Suffix” tab.

It’s too late for the current manuscript I’m working on since I already have the run-in head in each document’s text, but maybe it’ll save someone some time. Without using the Level Settings method, the most efficient way to do it is to insert “<$title>.” in bold face, before the text within the document. That way if you change the title in the binder, the run-in head changes automatically at compile time.

Keith added it to 2.1 after you brought up the idea. Sorry it was too late to help for your particular project, but the rest of us thank you. :slight_smile: (And Keith, we thank Keith too!)

Yes, sorry, I meant to update this thread a few weeks ago to tell you, but forgot. I did indeed add it to 2.1 because of this very thread.

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Awesome! Thanks Keith!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: