Formatting whole word without selection

Dear Developers,

I would like to format whole words whithout having to select them first: Just move/click the cursor in there and Ctrl+K. The toggle of this would work the same way, of course, and both of these would work for Bold, Italic, Underlined etc.

A feature like this would take a whole bunch a’ keystrokes off of each and every single word-formatting. So, following the short version of your RULES, this should make at least for a “4b”.


The odd way in which styles work aside, this wouldn’t be a most unusual approach to formatting, and would probably break a bunch of people’s habits. Consider for example if you use italics while typing rather than coming back later as you describe. The stream of typing in italics might in some cases cause the word, or more commonly punctuation, you just type to italicise when what you meant is how all word processing software works: don’t change what I’ve already typed, change how I type going forward.

That said, you might consider using double-click instead of single click going forward. It is the easiest way to select by word, or by one word if you double-click in one spot rather than dragging afterward.

And if you prefer the keyboard, note we have a command for selecting the current word: Edit ▸ Select ▸ Select Word. By default it does not have a shortcut, but the command is there precisely so you can add one.

What has that to do with editing words?

I don’t understand that sentence.

Well, but not a bunch of other people’s habits. That’s why you would make it an option, wouldn’t you?

Yes, that’s how it’s done: Toggle on italics, type, toggle off italics. Punctuation after Italics is formatted Italics as well. Someone got a problem with that, you say?

But I prefer it both ways.

I considered that for a while and thought it costs too many keystrokes. And yes, I know how to assign a shortcut.

Sorry, there was a typo. I meant to say it would be an unusual approach to text editing.

Most of the major style guides do.

The above issues, as well as this here, are why the mechanisms for formatting text are based on a behavioural real-time option, click vs double-click followed by an optional drag, rather than a setting that you have to drill down to whenever a different form is required. It’s an elegant solution adopted by nearly every text editing tool—from desktop publishing all the way down to XML or Markdown based pure text editors.