Forum dark mode + indented text-lack of contrast

It appears when someone indents their paragraphs by 4 or more spaces, the resultant block of text is very hard for me to read, due to the text being too close in hue to the background color.

View this in dark mode to get a sense of what I'm talking about. 

Recreate the above by starting a line with 4 or more spaces.

A typical block quote (starting with > and maybe 1 or 2 spaces) doesn’t exhibit this issue…

But you do get the same effect when you start with > + 5 spaces

Obviously, the solution when composing is not to add all that additional space, but there are plenty of instances where imported text seems to be formatted like that. For example, this post: Organization - #39 by jwhitten

Is there anything that can be done to ensure better contrast between the background and the text (which comes out dark grey on the… brown? background)?

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Thanks, I noticed that problem a bit earlier as well. I’ve done a little tweaking to the appearance of verbatim text and quotations to help set them apart, and to make verbatim text readable again. It will also now be clearer when one is quoting another’s verbatim block, as in the third example.

I think in the referenced post, the use of verbatim text to provide an example of what is typed into Scrivener is a good use of it. How one wouldn’t want to use spaces is with the expectation that it will indent text, unless of course you use indenting within that, and then it is a good way of doing just that:

    Chapter One/
        scene a
    Chapter Two/

That’s a marked improvement. Thanks!