forum filter?

Right now I can browse to

and view all the Scrivener posts.

Is there any way to filter out the Windows posts from that view?

There isn’t a filtered browsing view as such, but by using the advanced search feature you can narrow the scope of the results down to only those boards you are interested in. For example, here is a search based on the “Active Topics” preset that scans all boards save for those that are Windows specific:

Nice, but it misses out Mac tech support and bug hunt.

Slàinte mhòr.

Hmm, maybe the subforum setting doesn’t like being blended with the Active Topics preset. This one specifically refers to each board to be searched; seems to work better:

Fantastic, Thanks.

Can mere mortals do the same? How?

Slàinte mhòr.

Sure thing! It just requires a little URL hacking. You start with the type of filter you want along the top of the page. For example “Unanswered Topics”, and copy the URL out to a text editor:

Next, click the magnifying glass on any search field to go to the advanced search page. Here you can make refinements to how the listing will be done, and which forums to search within. As noted, I had to turn off “Search subforums” and select everything manually. When done, click the red Search button.

You probably won’t get any results because the actual search term fields are empty, but that’s fine, all we want is the rest of the URL. Here is the URL for a search that only looks in Scrivener for macOS boards, limited to only posts made within the past month:

We want the middle part of the URL, excluding the keywords/terms/author fields, up to the “submit” field. We don’t want to submit as a regular search since we are using the “unanswered” preset.


So to create the filtered unanswered topics URL, that middle part gets pasted after the original URL:

Oh my numen, thank you. A foothold in the Elysian Fields: … ch=300&t=0

Slàinte mhòr.

Thanks so much for posting these solutions! It took me a few months to come back and set it up but it’s night and day reading the forums without all the windows posts.

just figured out how to do this on the new forum- in preferences > categories > muted

no more windows!