Forum for issues around file-sharing

We are experiencing issues around sharing Scrivener files between users 1) across the technology gap (Mac/PC) and 2) on Dropbox. Since most of the tech support is platform-specific, it would be nice to have a place for issues around interoperability.


Historically, platform interoperability issues have been filed under Windows, because:

  1. The Mac guy is the boss.
  2. The Windows version is newer.
  3. It’s not like the Windows guy has enough to do already. :slight_smile:

A quick search on the forums will find a few useful threads on both Mac / Win transfers and on Dropbox.

I am suddenly having serious issues with this too (Mac/Win over dropbox). I’ve been using them fine this way for many months. Suddenly none of the structural changes are copying over (i.e. I create new folders and documents on my mac, let it all sync with Scrivener closed on both machines, when I open it on windows the folders aren’t there). It seems to be a permanent problem - it thinks it’s opening the same project, but it’s missing all kinds of folders and text files. Sometimes when I open the project in my mac, it says there are “recovered” files and puts them in a _recovered folder.

This just started in the past week. I’m at a loss, hoping there’s some temporary glitch in one of the scrivener versions…