Forum not fully google-able?

I did a search using the search feature here but wanted to use google skills to search smarter, however it seems that the forum isn’t indexed because my opening google query pilcrow

returned nothing, even though there are plenty of mentions on the site. If the the search is instead paragraph

We’ll get


for blog, or (some?) forum tags.

Very strange. Any ideas why, and how to google effectively?

(Incidentally, what I wanted to know is why paragraph formatting is stored with the pilcrow before the paragraph text, like this


understanding why might make it less jarring (I’m sure the placement isn’t going to change – ever :slight_smile:))

  1. I had it turned off from back when it was a secret side project. I went ahead and turned it on, but it’ll probably take a week or two for different search engines to populate.
  2. It’s a bug. Plain and simple.

Great! Thanks :pray: …20 chars