Forum problem

Sorry to post this here, but there doesn’t seem to be a forum for forum issues. In recent days, every time I come back to the forum, even in the same day, I find that I’m logged out. I have to log back in. Anybody have any ideas how this is happening and what I can do? TIA.

Needless to say, make sure you’ve got the “remember me” option checked.

Also, make sure that your browser saves cookies from Unless it does, the site has no way to recognize you.


Not entirely needless, evidently. :blush: But since I never log out of this forum, and never unchecked “Remember me,” I still don’t know how it came about. However, there are much more important and near-apocalyptic things that I don’t understand how they came about, so letting it go…

It happens to me randomly, periodically, and also on the Nisus forum too. I’ve no idea why the browser (Opera in my case on all platforms) suddenly forgets the cookies, but I just re-login enabling it.



Interesting. I (a) have also had this happen in another software-related forum, and (b) also use Opera. I just need to be careful to look for the Remember me boxes.

Does Opera have a setting to purge cookies after a given number of days? That could be it.

Also, some sites do require you to login at regular intervals. Not every time, but every 30-90 days or so.


Opera does have a clear-on-exit option (which I have turned off), and an option to block 3rd party cookies (which I have turned on). But this just seemed to randomly happen, after several years of using this forum in Opera with these same settings. I’m perfectly content to put it down to “It’s computers” and move on. (I consider this atypical detachment a sign of personal growth, actually, but I do not judge.)

Same settings here on Opera for Mac, and I too just put it down to “It’s just computers” and move on; there are far more important things and life is too short to get het up about such truly minor inconveniences.

That said, currently it’s impossible to add attachments to posts in the Mac/Technical Support forum or this one …
perhaps all forums!