Forum producing spam?

Really sorry as this is probably the wrong place. I received an email the other day masquerading as a notification from this forum. It offered me a free iPhone 6s and I assumed it was a hacking/spam and ditched it. Haven’t seen mentions of anything similar but thought someone should know.

Is this my fault? Is there something I should turn off in my account settings—although preferably not my notifications.


No, this was our fault, sorry for the inconvenience. You may have noticed that we’ve upgraded the forum. Our server provider is upgrading the PHP version, which would have broken the old forum, so we had to upgrade everything. The upgrade broke one of the checks we use for new user registrations to try to catch spammers was temporarily, which meant that, for a short time, spam bots were able to register. As a result, a lot of users received PMs from spam bots. (Spammers are a huge problem, although, as annoying as this spam attack was, it still wasn’t as bad as the one we had a couple of years ago where the forum was flooded with pornographic images.)

We have now put in place a plugin that is linked to a central database of known spammers that is constantly updated, which should be even better than our older system for keeping spammers out. So, you shouldn’t receive any more spam - if you do, though, please do let us know.

Thanks and all the best,