Forum Rules Draft - Feedback Wanted

Hi all,

After four years I’ve finally got around to drafting some forum guidelines. As this forum is your forum as much as it is ours at L&L, though, I don’t want to create forum rules that nobody likes, or that seem intimidating. I’m therefore inviting everyone in the community to take a look at a draft of the rules and make comments - the last thing I want to do is have L&L come across as too strident to customers, or put off new users.

Of course, being the Mac developer and designer, I went and posted the draft over in the Mac feedback forum, where someone pointed out that this was silly seeing as there are so many Windows users over here - whoops, sorry about that. :blush: Anyway, as there isn’t yet an obvious place to put it, please feel free to pop over to the thread to take a look and give us some feedback:

(It’s a little long-winded - my special power - and someone has already pointed out that it should have a short summary at the top.)

Oh yeah, and while I’m here, just a reminder to all Windows users that you should feel free to hang out in the rest of the forums, too, such as the “And Now For That Latte” chit-chat area (even if it’s just to add three words to the nonsense three-word story going on over there), and the reading and writing forums.


All the best,

Hi all:
I saw the comment about the wish-list, but -just for the future- since ‘saving’ is so important especially in the Beta phase, could a button be added visibly on the top to make saving a one-step process?
My two-cents-worth :smiley: