Forum software changes (I don't know where to put this)

You have taken away the “New Posts” link from the top of the forum pages. I cannot function without it.
The “Unread Posts” in the hamburger menu is not the same thing!
There will always be hundreds of posts I have not read. What I want to see every morning is what is new, so that I can go to the new posts list and choose what I am interested in.

Please put it back.

Sorry to bring this up today:
Scriv 3 looks great and has been paid for. Lit & Lat is one of the few software companies where I will pay money sight unseen. You have always done a good job and deserve much support and praise.


Bookmark this link… search.php?search_id=newposts

Also try zooming the browser out a bit. The “New Posts” link is actually in the header bar itself, along with Active Topics, Unanswered Topics and Your Posts—but only if there is enough space to show them all. I like a narrow browser window, so at 100% I have the same problem, but I find about 80% magnification is a more comfortable font size to my eye anyway.

Well, I feel dumb.

You know what the problem is: I did not notice the links because they are an almost invisible dark brown on darker brown, and somehow I did not mouse over them.


That doesn’t sound right! They should be a very light cream colour on dark brown. I’d try resetting your browser cache—you may have an old CSS file for the forum lingering.


Resetting the browser cache works…

… but the forum won’t accept posts with bb code in as far as I can tell. If you quote, or include any funny brackets nonsense, it doesn’t like it… The error message is ‘too few characters’.

So that’s what that was. I ran into that and have been going over settings looking for where the character limiter would be coming from. Thanks, I’ll let the designers know. My guess is that the regular expressions that evaluate BBCode aren’t working right and are reducing the post size to null internally.

Can we, please, get the option to jump to the first unread post in a thread. Very useful if you are following a discussion in a long multi page thread.

Also, my avatar is covering text in the upper left corner

The little orange button the left of the thread title is what I’ve always used to jump to the first unread post, and that seems to still be working for me. Given you describe some layout issues though, I’d also try resetting browser cache. It could be the orange page icon is hidden or obscured.

Oh! And we should have BBCode fixed now. :slight_smile: Yup!

With regards to forum stuff - just to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle - I’ll mention that I’m really missing the little indicator on the Board Index page for which subforums have new posts (ie, Mac tech support, Mac Feedback, etc).

Ah ha, I think I see what you mean about the avatar overlapping stuff—are you using Gravatar, matsgz? I wasn’t, and I just tried, and now it is not scaling down into a small icon size next to my user name, but showing full size (100 x 100 px).

Oh, one other small issue - the clickable hotspot only seems to half overlap the Unread Posts icon.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 3.51.48 PM.png

Thanks, SarsenLintel. I’ve put both of those issues on the list to look at.

So far I’ve noticed the following :

  1. Minor bug - some posts contain very small text which is an eye strain to read - can you please default to the same size text as the previous forum? (This topic, after posting, has very small text, unlike while I’m composing it).

  2. There used to be a button to return to the forum index (e.g. Technical support for Mac) at the bottom of every page of every topic - can we have that back please, to save having to go to the top of the page each time? And on that subject…

  3. The buttons for navigating the new forum are impossible to use!! For example, at the top of this page it says (in poorly defined script) “Bug Hunt (Mac)” … but if you mouse up to click it, there’s a dark maroon button appears saying “Active Topics” which is actually a button on the line above it and shouldn’t appear over “Bug Hunt”.

PS - I’m going to stay within this posted topic to see any replies, otherwise I might not be able to return!
I’m using Safari 9 in OS X 10.9.5 by the way.

First things first, I’d nuke your browser cache and reload to make sure you aren’t getting stuff from the previous stylesheet mixed in. In particular the font size should be a lot bigger if anything, not smaller. And some of the stuff sounds like it might be related to a stylesheet issue as well. For example I see breadcrumb links just fine. From this post of yours I can jump to Bug Hunt (Mac), Scrivener for macOS, Scrivener or the board index in general.

I’m with @ScriverTid on this.

Firstly the breadcrumb trail is at the top of the page and I can’t find any way to return to the forum page having read through a long thread. Can we not have either a “Return to forum” button, or at least a “Return to top” button at the bottom of the page.

Secondly, I spent a long time trying to work out how to login as the button—along with “New Posts” etc.—is in an indeterminate dark greenish grey on a dark brown strip … virtually impossible to read.


As Ioa says, clear your cache for L&L. I saw the same thing earlier - those aren’t the intended colours, and it seems that an old CSS file has been cached on the system.

For reference, this is what it should be looking like (fonts aside):

That’s with the mouse over “New Posts”.

OK, I worked out how to clear the cache in Vivaldi and all’s well with the font colour, but I’d still like a way to return to the forum without having to scroll all the way up each time.



EDIT: Hah! I tried clicking the “GO” button and that did the trick … not as transparent as on the old site, but it works. :slight_smile:

I am distressed that “mark all topics read” and “Mark subforums read” links are not available in subforums and forums respectively. Not to mention the painful absence of the “first unread post” link inside a topic. Yes, the forum looks prettier, but it’s not nearly so usable.

It’s also much more difficult to use on a mobile device. Seriously, Many of the links are hidden inside menus; others aren’t available at all. In particular, the “breadcrumbs” menu across the top has disappeared from mobile views.

Please, please, re-clutter the design a bit. Please.